The EZ Can Cleaner and bottle opener, can be modified to feel and accommodate you with a specific logo of your choice on the top of the cap. The logo would all so resemble the most common use of your company, from a hockey puck, golf ball, base ball or even a foot ball.


These are some examples of custom shapes and logos.  We have so many more and will work with any specific logo or slogan.

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ez can cleaner chicago blackhawks

Cap Shape Fridge Magnet with Canucks Logo

key chain

Keychain with Coors Light Logo

Golf Ball shape can cleaner

Golf Ball Shape Cleaner

chiefs logo

Hockey Puck Shape with Chiefs Team Logo

custom Football Team Logo

Custom Football Team Logo

key chain with logo

NitroCola Company Logo and Keychain

key chain

Cougars Hockey Puck Shape and Logo

duff key chain

Keychain Duff Beer

key chain

Boston Hockey Puck Shape

duff key chain

Keychain LA Kings