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Special Shape and Design

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With the EZ Can Cleaner, we can work hand on hand to accommodate a special shape or design that will better suit your needs.  The EZ Can Cleaner can transform into Hockey Puck, Baseball, Football, Soccer Ball or anyother special design you have in mind.  Just simply send us your request and we will try our best to accommodate your design or idea.

  1. Hockey Puck
  2. Soccer Ball
  3. Volleyball
  4. Basketball
  5. Football
  6. Golf Ball


We can manufacture any shape or design you might want to display your desired logo


Hockey Puck

EZ Can Cleaner's on a Hockey Pack Shape


custom Golf Ball

Golf Ball Shape EZ Can Cleaner


custom hockey puck

Place Your Own Sports Team Logo or Design


custom cap shape with coca cola logo

Normal Cap Shape with Coca-Cola Logo

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Special Shape and Design
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Custom Logos

key chain

key chain


chiefs logo

duff custom logo

cocacola key chain with logo


custom duff logo

boston logo

wings logo

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