EZ Can Cleaner - Twist with the Wrist and Blow

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About The Product

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With hundreds of stiff bristles dirt and dust can be removed from the top of any canned beverage allowing a more sanitary means of consumption. At the center of the EZ Can Cleaner, there is an opening specially designed to open twist off beverage bottles.  With this in mind you will never have to ask someone to open the bottle for you.

top and bottom of the EZ Can Cleaner

EZ Can Cleaner's Top and Bottom View


How many times have you used your shirt to clean the top of a can of pop or beer? Not any more! Not if you have EZ CAN CL EANER.


Opening Conventional Bottles

On One of the sides of the EZ Can Cleaner we have attached a conventional bottle opener for those non-twist caps.  Having this conventional opener on the side helps to opne no only beer bottles, but pop bottles juice bottles, etc.

bottle opener

EZ Can Cleaner's Conventional Bottle Opener


Opening pop and Beer Cans

The EZ Can Cleaner brings a beer or pop cam opener for right after cleaning it.  No more breaking your nails trying to open a can.

ez can cleaner can opener

EZ Can Cleaner's Can Opener


Key Chain and Fridge Magnet

The EZ Can Cleaner comes loaded with features.  It can be placed on the fridge as it has a magnet or it could be carried as a key chain.

key chain

EZ Can Cleaner's Key Chain and Fridge Magnet


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